Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Join us tonight at 7 PM "A broken Congressional ethics process; a case study on Jean Schmidt"

COAST attorney Chris Finney presents at 7 PM this evening 
 to the Anderson Tea Party at Anderson High School

We have read in the newspaper reports of the Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters and Jean Schmidt ethics scandals in Congress, but what do we really know about the process, the integrity of the House Ethics Committee and other federal agencies to address even the most obvious and flagrant violations of House Rules and federal law?

Tonight COAST attorney Chris Finney, who also has also brought, pursued and continues to pursue, ethics charges against Congressman Jean Schmidt, presents "A Broken Congressional Ethics Process; a case study on Jean Schmidt" to the Anderson Tea Party at 7 PM at the Anderson High School.

Please come hear the facts of this important case first-hand and draw your own conclusions about the integrity of the "watchdogs" in Washington and our own local Congressman

Please join us for this second of five speeches Chris is scheduled to give on this topic.  The next one will be Monday night at the Sharonville Tea Party, at the Sharonville Library at 7 PM.

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