Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Schmidt's legal expense fund shows $10 raised to date; On pace to pay off her debt in 25,000 years

Here at the COAST blog, we have been following the Jean Schmidt corruption scandal closely.

Readers will note that last August, the House Ethics Committee ruled that Schmidt had accepted an approximately $500,000 illegal gift from the Turkish Coalition of America and ordered her to repay the gift from a permissible source. (Schmidt serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.)

To purportedly fulfill that requirement, Schmidt established a Legal Expense Trust, a step only six other members of the U.S. House have taken (all corrupt, including Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters).

OK, so how's that going?

Today, Schmidt filed her second quarterly report since the establishment of that fund and to date, to help retire her $500,000 debt, Schmidt has raised a grand total of -- drum roll please -- $10.  Yes, $10.  And that was the initial deposit she made to set up the account.  $10.

So, at that pace, $10 every six months, it will take, ummm, 25,000 years to pay off her debt (without interest) to the Turkish Coalition of America.

Does anyone, anyone, think Schmidt is taking her ethical obligations seriously?  Anyone?

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