Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rand Paul Addresses KY-COAST This Sunday

Dr. Rand Paul will be speaking to a membership meeting of the Northern Kentucky Chapter of COAST this Sunday. Rand is the devoted son of Texas Congressman & recent Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, and a respected eye surgeon from Bowling Green. He has been successful in his efforts with Kentucky Taxpayers United and has been active with Take Back Kentucky for several years. He shares most of his father's views and is poised to enter the race for U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning's seat if the 77-year-old sports icon decides to retire.

When: Sunday June 21, 2009
Where: Bulldog's Roadhouse on Ky 17, Click HERE for map.
1:00 PM Order delicious food from Bulldog's fine menu (featuring a $5.00 steak dinner special)
2:00 PM Meet & greet with cash bar
2:35 PM Welcome COAST guests by Bulldog's proprietor and radio personality, Eric Deters (a former GOP 4th district chairman)
2:45 PM Introductions by COAST chairman, Jason Gloyd
3:00 PM Host Speaker, COAST co-founder Chris Finney
3:15 PM Key Note Speaker, Dr Rand Paul

The restaurant will have a full menu with a variety of inexpensive items. Bulldog's also has a very nice bar with scores of cold beer labels to choose, while you will find most of your favorite wines and cocktails available.

The public is invited to attend. There is no charge for this event.

This is a non-partisan event and elected officials and candidates from all parties will be in attendance. Any position literature or campaign material must be officially approved by northern Kentucky COAST organizers.


  1. "Officially approved" literature? Sounds like censorship to me.

  2. ^Yeah, pretty much. Unfortunately that's the heavy hand of government for you.

    Campaign activities are governed by elections laws, and since Dr. Paul is not yet a declared candidate, this cannot and will not be a partisan campaign event. It is issue oriented only, open to members of any political persuasion.

    We don't have to like those laws, but we are obligated to obey them.


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