Tuesday, June 2, 2009

COAST Sues Cincinnati Over Petitioner Harassment

Access to public sidewalks, Fountain Square and Findlay Market for Trolley petition are at issue

COAST has filed suit in Federal Court in Cincinnati to stop official harassment and threats of its volunteers by City officials while circulating petitions for the proposed Charter Amendment to stop the Cincinnati Trolley.

In April and May, COAST petitioners were relentlessly harassed at numerous City venues collecting signatures on petitions for a Charter Amendment to stop the Cincinnati Trolley. Scott Ross was ordered off of a public sidewalk in Mt. Lookout by a Cincinnati Police Officer. The officer even had the gall to tell Mr. Ross that in Cincinnati he needed a Solicitor’s License to collect signatures.

Dan Regenold was chased off Fountain Square by a Cincinnati Police officer and an executive with Fountain Square Manager 3CDC. Regenold and Dapper were threatened with arrest by two police officers at Findlay Market.

Many COAST volunteers have repeatedly suffered the oppression of Cincinnati officials who fail to understand the First Amendment, especially during the SuperSized Jail Tax campaign. Then, we were harassed on the Public Landing, on Fountain Square, at Findlay Market and elsewhere through the City by Cincinnati’s finest.

The COAST suit, pending before Federal Judge Dlott, seeks an injunction to stop the harassing behavior going forward.


  1. 3CDC ordered Regenold to cease & desist on Fountain Square during the Tax Day Tea Party. He was petitioning with the knowledge and permission of Tea Party organizers who had paid for a permit to use the square.

    Of all the petitions circulating on the square at that event, 3CDC singled out streetcar petitioners. It's obvious they make up rules as they go to suit their political agenda. Cincinnati deserves better.

  2. I think it is hilarious that COAST says government is the problem and then goes crying to the government to be treated fairly. I thought you guys were for mob rule? Boohoo, poor COAST can't get a fair shake, who will stand up for these little guys? The government? Blasphemy! Government is for suckers right?


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