Friday, June 19, 2009

Monzel Signs Tax Pledge 1st

COASTers urged to thank him
Cincinnati City Council Member Chris Monzel becomes first candidate to sign COAST's no-tax pledge.

Within hours of COAST issuing its demand for a pledge against raising taxes to solve Cincinnati's budget problems in the coming Council term, Cincinnati City Council Member Chris Monzel became the first to sign the pledge.

Council Member Chris Monzel consistently has been a voice and vote against higher taxes and wasteful spending while on Council. For the past five, years Monzel has sponsored the resolution to roll back property tax rates to assure that increasing valuations did not result in a windfall tax increase for the City.

With the City of Cincinnati facing a $40 million deficit in 2010, and an enormous hole in its pension system on top of that, and with City bureaucrats exacerbating the financial crisis by badly bungling tax income projections, COAST has predicted a 2010 push for higher earnings and property taxes. It has issued the Pledge to stop the drive for higher taxes.

Monzel previosuly endorsed COAST's opposition to the Pepper-Portune Super-Sized Jail tax and the campaign against Red Light Cameras. This year, Monzel is Honorary Vice Chairman of the campaign against the wasteful Trolley and has announced his opposition to the sale of the Cincinnati Water Works.

"I am honored to sign this pledge today reaffirming my belief that the very last thing we should be doing during tough economic times is raise taxes," said Monzel. "Americans across the board are overtaxed. It's time government reforms itself and stops spending money on pet projects and starts focusing on providing core services in the most efficient manner."

COAST thanks Chris Monzel for his consistent leadership against higher taxes and spending, and for taking the Pledge this campaign season.

Please call Council Member Monzel's office at 513-352-3640 or e-mail him and thank him for his leadership.

The text of the pledge follows:

2009 Cincinnati Mayoral and Council Candidate
Taxpayer Protection Pledge

I, Chris Monzel, pledge to the taxpayers of the City of Cincinnati and all of the people of this City that I will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes and create new fees during the 2010-2011 term of Cincinnati City Council. This includes without limitation, any increase in the City earnings tax or property tax, and the imposition of new fees such as a garbage collection fee.

/s/ Chris Monzel__________6/18/09__________________

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  1. COASTers, we have just updated our blog to criticize Chris Monzel for this act of treachery against bigger government. We are going to make sure the rest of the world knows that Chris Monzel has been working very hard to oppose higher taxes.


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