Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Red Light Camera fight takes new turn

The evil Empire Strikes Back, doesn't it?

With the citizens of Cleveland and Maple Heights less than two weeks ago voting 77% to ban Red Light Cameras in their cities, and a chorus of voters from Cincinnati to South Euclid banning the pernicious devices over the past seven years, you would think our legislators, the servants of the people would get the message: Keep them out of Ohio.

But, alas, big money still has sway, at least in the Senate Chamber.

We were alerted last night to the new S.B. 388, linked here, that would expand the rights of municipalities to use Red Light Cameras.  For example, there is currently a broad challenge to the devices before the Ohio Supreme Court on the basis that the Ohio legislature has not authorized municipalities to bypass Municipal Courts, and instead essentially establish their own judiciary to hear these violations.  The bill attempts to cure that fatal defect in all pending Red Light Camera legal challenges.

Worse, there is an argument that this bill overrides local Charter Amendments banning the devices, thus voiding the ballot issues local organizers have worked to hard to place on the ballot and pass.

Please call your Senator and House Member and tell them to kill S.B. 388.  It is the essence of poor public policy in Ohio.

And remember the names of Senators Frank LaRose, Peggy Lehner, Randy Gardner and James Hughes, all Republicans, as the clueless, out-of-touch, anti-liberty Senators who have sponsored this legislation.

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