Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our founder, our hero, Tom Brinkman, Jr. never flinched, never wavered

COAST watches with some amusement with politicians and community leaders bobbing to the left and twisting to the right, trying to determine which way the wind is blowing before deciding how to vote on an issue.

In contrast, we have our successful former Chairman, Tom Brinkman, Jr., this year returning to a seat in the the Ohio legislature, one he held for four consecutive terms.  In May of this year, Brinkman scored a surprising and decisive upset victory over a more cautious, moderate House member, backed by hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Ohio House GOP caucus.

On issue after issue, Common Core, Taxes, the Parking Plot, the Jail Tax, the Streetcar, the Waterworks takeover, Brinkman has been steadfast and outspoken.

Now that he returns to Columbus as a senior statesman, and one who beat one of their own, he holds a new stature, has gained a new respect -- maybe fear -- from the "powers that be" in Columbus.  We hope he slays some dragons up there as he has done in Cincinnati, literally almost singlehandedly saving taxpayers billions of dollars.

We our proud of Tom Brinkman, Jr. and warn anyone in Columbus who trifles with him -- he is the real deal.

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