Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Barack Obama, Ideologue

Now comes the dangerous part, Barack Obama, unleashed.

We hate to rain on the parade, and what a parade it was!

But America has created an imperial Presidency never envisioned by our founding fathers in three ways: (i) a Congress (Republicans and Democrats) that passes open-ended legislation that gives wide berth to the Executive branch to write regulations and implement legislation broadly, (ii) Courts that refuse to enforce the Constitutional and statutory lints on the powers of the Executive, and (iii) great liberties taken in successive administrations with the powers given to them.  We are decidedly not, in this entry, placing the blame for any of these factors on Democrats exclusively of the Obama Administration specifically, although they are the latest and greatest abuser of these factors.

Starting with the Great Depression and each succeeding decade, we have created not a Republic, with a balance of powers between the three branches, but rather a toothless legislature, a judiciary that has largely surrendered its role in reining in government excesses, and a rapacious executive that is unrestrained except by its own measures of self-control.

And that's where the problem lies with resident Obama.  As a ideologue, he is utterly unrestrained in his exercise of executive power, whether by the Constitution, by the damage he does to the American economy (especially those most vulnerable) or by the political consequences of ideological excess.

Following from scandal after scandal (think, IRS) and excess after excess, Barack Obama declares that he will bypass Congress with his "phone and his pen,"completely disregarding the careful balance of powers struck in the US Constitution.  Every indication pre-and-post-2014-tsunami is that he intends to double down in the remaining two years of his administration.  This evidences a disregard for legal and constitutional constraints on his office.

America remains mired in the slowest economic recovery in the history of the nation.  This is empirical proof, in contrast, say, to the robust Reagan recovery, that his policies are not working.  He does not care, and will not modify his policies to bring the recovery that America needs.

Democrats have suffered epic defeats at the polls and possibly have branded the Democrat Party in a terribly damaging way for generations to come.  This is empirical proof that his policies have devastating consequences to his political party and fellow officeholders.

So, now we are in the incredibly dangerous position of having the most ideologically radical President in America's history unbounded by any of the constraints that have confined his predecessors.  Through the IRS, the EPA, the INS, the Department of Education, the Justice Department and his other federal agencies, and his Executive Orders, we fear that Barack Obama intends to foist upon America the wildest dreams of radical supported, and his Chicago machine and mentors.

The question is not, unfortunately, what limits Barack Obama will self-impose, for the answer is "none."  The issue is whether the legislative branch and the judiciary will exercise their historical, constitution and proper roles to constrain what promises to be a dangerous, wild ride for the coming 24 months.  We pray, for the sake of our Republic, that they do.

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