Wednesday, November 5, 2014

One of the most remarkable developments of an utterly remarkable night -- Governorships

It was a night even the most optimistic observers did not anticipate, November 4, 2014:  A potential 10-seat pickup and control of the U.S. Senate and a 13-seat picket-up (so far) for the already lopsided U.S. House.

But the most remarkable, and entirely unexpected, outcome of November 2014 was the pickup of new governorships in left-leaning states and fending off tough challenges of Republican incumbents:

  • Labor-reformers, against a withering offense from organized labor, sustained difficult challenges in Michigan and Wisconsin;  
  • The GOP retained governorships in hotly-contested Florida, and impossible-to-hold Maine;
  • The Republican Party had stunning pickups in Massachusetts (!), Maryland (!), and deep-blue Illinois (!!!); 
  • Republicans ran up the score to 2-1 margins in already "won" contests like Ohio, Texas, Tennessee, and Nevada, with of course swing state Ohio being the most impressive of those wins; and 
  • Conservative stalwart Sam Brownback held his seat in a tough race, undermined by left-leaning members of his own party, in Kansas.
The GOP now holds the Governorships in key states for the Presidential contest: Ohio, Michigan, and Florida.  More importantly, we have shown that the GOP can win in these those states and the others mentioned above, giving us powerful hope of re-capturing the Presidency in 2016.

All we need to set the stage for this to happen is for Obama, Reid and Pelosi, and of course, Hillary Clinton, to "stay the course."

What a night it was!

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