Wednesday, November 5, 2014

COAST crushes Red Light Cameras in Northeast Ohio

COAST sponsored two ballot initiatives in 2014, red light camera bans in the City of Cleveland and the City of Maple Heights, a suburb of Cleveland.  They were, respectively, Issues 35 and 99 on the Cuyahoga County ballot.  Both issues were placed on the ballot by a coalition of black-white, republican-democrat activists, similar to those that banned the cameras in Cincinnati.

In opposition, the camera companies spent significant monies, and in fact had television and radio commercials cut by the current Cleveland Mayor, and former Governor and U.S. Senator George Voinovich.

The outcome was not even close.  In the City of Cleveland, COAST got 77.54% affirmative vote for the Charter Amendment.  In Maple Heights, they got 76.65%.

Everyone hates Red Light Cameras, except the camera companies fleecing the public with them and the unprincipled politicians who are their willing prey.

Congratulations to these citizens for standing up for themselves and for liberty!

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