Monday, August 5, 2013

Early voting!

After eight years under the thumb of Mayor Mark Mallory and his sycophantic six (Qualls, Quinlivan, Seelbach, Simpson, Thomas, and Young), voting starts tomorrow in the primary election for Cincinnati Mayor.  It is critical that we turn out to vote against Qualls and the direction she has taken Cincinnati.

Remember the $4.4 million Glass Atrium on top of City Hall?  The $835 million hole in the City pension plan? The $180 million Streetcar?  The $92 million Parking Plot? The layoff of hundreds of police and firefighters?  The $475 million sale of the Water Works?  Red Light Cameras? The Trash Tax? All of these things would have happened is we had allowed the Mallory/Qualls team to proceed unchecked?

Please call, write, e-mail, text, Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, and communicate in every way you know how to turn out big numbers in the Mayoral primary.  A large turnout, and an anti-qualls vote in the primary will set the stage for a strong November contest for Mayor and Council.

Hammer home that message.

Our City's future depends on it.

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