Thursday, August 29, 2013

City Solicitor rejects COAST's Parking Plot taxpayer demand letter

When Cincinnati City Manager Milton Dohoney signed the Parking Lease, the form of the lease was materially different than that approved by Council in several respects.  First, the Lease gave Council the right to terminate it if the bonds were not issued by June 30, 2013.  Second, the Port Authority demanded a 75-day right to terminate the Lease in the document.  Neither of those provisions were in the version approved by the Council.  Thus, before the Manager has the authority to sign the lease, the version that was in fact signed would have to be approved by the Council.

This would require a new vote of the Council, but six of nine Council members have announced their opposition to the plan, including Laura Quinlivan who voted against the original deal and Chris Seelbach who provided the crucial sixth vote to avoid a referendum on the Parking Plot.  Thus, getting a new vote authorizing the expenditure would be tough -- at best.

On Tuesday of next week, COAST will be filing suit in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court to void the current Parking lease.  If Council supports the Lease, they need to vote for it again.

Read the City Solicitor's rejection of COAST's demand below.


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