Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cincinnati media at work -- sowing Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt on pension reform

We will write more on this shortly, but we are watching Cincinnati at work -- a City unable to reform itself.

Within days of the Cincinnati Pension Reform Charter Amendment being filed with the Clerk of Council for placement on the ballot, Cincinnati's news media was furiously propounding a message of fear, uncertainty and doubt about the measure, Chris Wetterich of the Cincinnati Business Courier being the prime purveyor of doom.

Our supposedly "objective" media -- that has largely ignored the yawning $865 million hole in the City's pension -- has gleefully piled on against the only plan presented to solve Cincinnati's pension problems.

And once the drumbeat started against the Charter Amendment, we watched as like lemmings, the entire news media lined up to parrot the misstatements about the initiative emanating from the supposedly objective City Solicitor's office, the official mouthpiece of the Mallory/Qualls regime in Cincinnati.

We are sure that things worked in Detroit much like this for decades as well.

Think outside the box, boys.  Your old ways are getting tiresome.  

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  1. Explain how it saves money, and I'll be happy to write it. To date, nobody associated with the effort has been able to do so. Right now, it looks like an ideological exercise by a group of people who don't look too kindly upon pensions and those who work for government in general.

    --Chris Wetterich


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