Friday, August 3, 2012

Will Blue Ash Council Aid and Abet the Great Train Robbery of 2012?

The Cincinnati Streetcar is the great local fiscal disaster that has been wrought by out-of-control liberalism.  It is a project borne of fundamental irresponsibility.

And, make no mistake, by and large, Republicans have stood firm in trying valiantly to stop it.

  1. The Hamilton County Republican Party and Alex Triantiafilou endorsed both ballot issues to stop the train wreck.
  2. State Senator Shannon Jones sponsored, and the Republican House, Senate, and Governor passed and signed into law a prohibition of spending State monies on the Streetcar.
  3. Governor John Kasich yanked $52 million in State monies from the project.
  4. Hamilton County's Commissioners have prohibited the expenditure of MSD funds for utility relocation relating to the project.
But it appears the ever-painfully-moderate Blue Ash City Council may go along with the Streetcar project, providing needed millions for the construction to proceed.  Let us explain:

  • Mayor Mallory and the Bat Shit Crazy Council have slated $11million of the proceeds from the sale of the Blue Ash Airport to the City of Blue Ash for streetcar construction costs.
  • The FAA told the City that they can't use the proceeds from the sale of an operating airport for anything other than improvements at other airports.  So the $11 million was locked up at City Hall.
  • However, the FAA will allow the use of the funds for a streetcar if the sale was effectuated after the closing of the airport.
  • So....the lawyers at the City have cooked up a plan to un-do the 2006 deal with Blue Ash, then close the airport, and then re-do the sale, thus freeing the funds for boondoggle use.
That plan is well on its way to approval by the Republican Blue Ash Council this Thursday, for no reason whatsoever as they basically get nothing at all out of the deal (how's that for negotiating prowess?).

Thus, the 7-member GOP Council and Mayor in Blue Ash appear poised to aid and abet the abuse of Cincinnati taxpayers and to abandon their Republican constituency that is strongly opposed to the Streetcar boondoggle.

COAST is encouraging its members to call and write the squishy Council members in Blue Ash and oppose this outrage.


  1. Comparing Blue Ash's council decisions to rape. You guys really lack any class and tact, no wonder no one takes you seriously.

  2. This is the same Blue Ash that paid a band to NOT perform at the Taste of Blue Ash last year. They are utterly clueless and have no principles besides cashing their paycheck. Blue Ash should not be in the business of helping Cincinnati build their streetcar.

    A deal is a deal. Cincinnati and Blue Ash agreed to one in 2006. It is done. Move on. Last I checked both cities have plenty real problems they need to solve.

  3. There are plenty of bands I might pay not to play, like say Air Supply, or Milla Vanilla or whatever their name was. But never with tax dollars.

    What band did they pay not to play?

  4. Jack Buckman, Rick Bryan, and Jim Sumner - WE'RE WATCHING YOU!!!!!

  5. I wasn't named the 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year for nothing! It will be a glorious day when I can ride that streetcar!

    - Blue Ash City Councilman Rick Bryan

  6. COASTies you guys are going to lose this one! It's a done deal. Blue Ash Council has already decided to pass this most excellent plan at Thursday's Council meeting.

    Blue Ash has a responsibility to fund Cincinnati's streetcar. We are delighted their excellent tax-and-spend Council members understand this.

  7. I've got 3 more hours until I go to bed and I'll spend every single minute of it obsessing over COAST men that I can't have.

  8. Lee Czerwonka - I got an email today explaining exactly what you are planning to do. Know that you will never, ever get my vote again should you sell out like this. Not only that, but I will support anyone who runs against you. Stand up for Blue Ash!


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