Saturday, August 25, 2012

COAST pushes message with two guest editorials appearing this weekend

Two weeks ago, the Blue Ash City Council voted 6-1 to re-do the deal for the sale of 130 acres of land at the Blue Ash Airport with the City of Cincinnati solely to enable the City to use the proceeds for the Streetcar boondoggle.

Because the Blue Ash Council members knew this vote enabling a bad project to proceed -- with no benefit to Blue Ashers -- would be unpopular at home, they and their lawyers spun a lie that somehow Blue Ash would be embroiled in litigation if they did not re-do the deal. 

That is a lie, and they know it is a lie, as COAST Chairman and founder Tom Brinkman, Jr. explains in detail in this Cincinnati Enquirer guest editorial.

To make matters worse, Blue Ash has employed a taxpayer-funded spin machine to both explain their indefensible vote, and to attack the good name of COAST and its members.  Thus, Blue Ash resident Jeff Capell penned this guest editorial in the Community Press this week.

The final word has not been spoken on this ignominious deal -- legally or politically.  As long as voters put in office big-spending, irresponsible public officials (like the Blue Ash Council), COAST cannot promise that boondoggle projects like the Streetcar will not proceed, but we do commit to continue to do all in our power each and every day to stop the foolishness, and to expose the elected officials who insist upon engaging in it.

Blue Ash voters, remember this treachery by your elected officials and act upon it when the time is appropriate.

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  1. The big lesson is to look beyond party ID to see how your elected officials are acting. The Republicans on Blue Ash City Council are just as incompetent, just as dishonest, just as unethical as the Democrats on Cincinnati City Council. You could flip flop the two Councils and you'd get the same results. Look at their actions, not their labels.


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