Thursday, August 9, 2012

Action Alert - Blue Ash Council poised to advance Cincinnati Streetcar, your urgent help is needed


Blue Ash Council will meet tonight to vote on the ordinance to rescind the purchase of the Blue Ash Airport Property.  This purchase took place in 2006 and Blue Ash has paid $6 Million so far.  The sole purpose of the rescission is to allow Cincinnati to close the Blue Ash Airport before reselling the property.  Thus allowing Cincinnati to use the proceeds of the sale to help pay for their Streetcar Boondoggle.  This is the only reason that Cincinnati has asked Blue Ash to rescind the contract.

Scott Meyer was on 55KRC with Brian Thomas yesterday morning discussing the issue. Scott did a great job!  Listen here.  The Airport discussion begins at 15:50 and continues into the next hour here.

Rescinding and redoing the sale does nothing to help the people of Blue Ash or to further the development of the promised park.  This is a one-sided deal that ultimately harms the people of Blue Ash and Cincinnati.

It has been reported that Cincinnati has threatened litigation to entangle the property for years if Blue Ash does not go through with the rescission.  As we've noted before, Cincinnati provided Blue Ash with a Warranty Deed.  If there are issues of title, Cincinnati must indemnify Blue Ash - that is Cincinnati must pay Blue Ash's legal expenses and related costs.  Quite simply Cincinnati cannot afford the threatened litigation.  Blue Ash need not fear Cincinnati City Council on this issue.

Our understanding is that a majority of Blue Ash Council is willing to go along with this scam, and is hoping to use the threatened litigation as cover for their misdeed. Put simply this is a bad deal for Blue Ash and the litigation is nothing but a smoke screen.

More importantly, Blue Ash should not trust Cincinnati City Council or Mayor Mallory.  In promoting the idea of selling the airport initially Mallory promised to used the proceeds of the sale to fund a Neighborhood Endowment.  When he made that promise he either knew or should have known that the FAA rules would preclude such an arrangement.  And now, he seeks to redo the sale, not to be able to make good on his promised Neighborhood Endowment, but to use the funds on his Trolley Folly.

At every step of this entire six plus year process, Mayor Mallory has been lying to the voters of Cincinnati about his plans for the Airport Deal - do you think he would bat an eye about lying to the people of Blue Ash?  Do you honestly believe that once freed of its legal obligation to complete the sale to Blue Ash, Cincinnati won't sell the property to a higher bidder? If Blue Ash Council agrees to this rescission, that is the risk Blue Ash will be taking. Is it worth the risk?


Blue Ash Council has not yet agreed to this horrible deal.  There is time to stop it. But time is running out fast.  Make sure your voice is heard.  Use the links below to email and call Blue Ash Council and let them know that you are watching.  We will track their votes and the voters of Blue Ash will remember which Council Members sold out the people of Blue Ash and which Council Members stood firm with the people.

Member Name
Mayor Mark Weber
Lee Czerwonka
James Sumner
Stephanie Stoller
Rick Bryan
Robert Buckman, Jr.
Thomas Adamec
Email all at once

Tonight's meeting begins at 7 p.m. and is located at 4343 Cooper Road.  Click here for a map.

Make sure to forward this email to your friends and family and make sure they join the fight!
COAST will continue the fight against this reckless assault on the taxpayers.


  1. We appreciate your well reasoned argument.

  2. COAST - Let's be clear - that the City of Cincinnati wants to use proceeds from the sale of part of the airport property for streetcar funding simply ISN'T Blue Ash's problem. Go fight your battles with Cincinnati and stop the silly rhetoric.
    Steve Tosh, Blue Ash.


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