Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ohio Poll: Josh Mandel positioned to topple Sherrod Brown

The Presidential sweepstakes is grabbing all the attention nationally and on state and local coverage, but almost as important is the fight for control of the U.S. Senate.

The Ohio contest to unseat radical liberal democrat Senator Sherrod Brown is critical to that fight.  Fortunately, Ohio has a well-positioned, well-qualified candidate in challenger Josh Mandel, Ohio Treasurer and Iraqi war veteran.

This morning, the University of Cincinnati's Ohio Poll pegs the race at Brown 48 and Mandel 47.  That is fantastic news for a challenger race, this far from election day.

[To provide some perspective, the way political polling typically works is that a non-incumbent who lags the incumbent by double digits can still be positioned to win if the incumbent is close to or below 50% in the polls.  This is because voters already know the incumbent, and if they aren't voting for him in August, by November they will usually (like by 9-1 margins) swing to the challenger.  For example, Jean Schmidt claimed Wenstrup was behind 27 points in January, but her own numbers hovered around 50%.  We all know how that turned out.  This is a common phenomenon.]

Returning the Senate to GOP control is absolutely critical to repeal of ObamaCare, as Senator Reid, who has craftily hung onto the Senate even during a massive swing of voters in the GOP direction, will refuse to allow the repeal to come to a vote.

So, vote Josh Mandel this fall, and spread the word!

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