Wednesday, February 8, 2012

They're baaaaack! Museum Center wants only $141 million this time

The Enquirer has the story here.

The Cincinnati Museum Center has its hand out yet again for taxpayer dollars, this time for a $141 bond issue for repairs to the historic building that houses the multi-museum facility.  Both the facility and the museums are wonderful assests to the City, for sure.  And they generate lots of visibility (Union Terminal) and visitors (2 million + to the museums).

But $141 million?

Let the debate begin!


  1. This building is owned by the City of Cincinnati. It's their responsibility to maintain their buildings! Cincinnati needs to quit wasting money on streetcars and atriums and start maintaining their own buildings.

  2. This is something that the City of Cincinnati could spend those precious capital funds on. Why should we be responsible for fixing problems in their buildings?

    Hello? Commissioners? Paging Greg Hartmann.

  3. We will support this request 100% no matter how much it costs. Money is no object.

    Even though Cincinnati owns the building, they need Hamilton County to pay for everything so the city can devote its money to the streetcar. The streetcar is everything. Hamilton County must raise taxes so that Cincinnati can build its streetcar.


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