Monday, February 13, 2012

Absolutely packed house, overflow crowd for new drive for balanced budget amendment

Crowd packs "The Farm" for kickoff of "Intervention"

COAST's Dan Regenold and the Tea Party's George Bruenemann tonight launched an exciting new initiative -- one designed to work this time -- for a balanced budget in the USA.  Called "Intervention" the program is intended to be shock treatment for the U. S. Congress and the President to enact, once and for all, a balanced budget amendment to the U. S. Constitution.

Please read about -- and get involved in their initiative -- here.

The need is critically important.  The timing is urgent.


  1. Look at all those old, white people.

  2. Whembley is right. Old white people have no right to take part in politics. The nerve of those people wanting to get involved in decisions their government make! Policy should be left to far younger more inexperienced people.

  3. Whembley never said they didn't have a right. I just pointed out that there was a lot of old, white people. Don't get see offended Mark Miller under another name.


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