Monday, February 6, 2012

Stautberg defends Taft-era HB 66 that created CAT tax and raised sales tax

After the Congressional debate before the three allied Tea Parties (see below), Tom Brinkman and Peter Stautberg squared off for the 27th District Republican primary contest.

(Note: COAST cudos to Stautberg for giving the audience respect showing up, in stark contrast to the notably absent Rep. Schmidt.)

Still, the contrast between the candidates was clear, with Brinkman pointing out Stautberg's shameless advocacy for the City's desired tax exemption for City-owned Convention Center and golf courses, in stark contrast to private operators who must compete while paying these taxes.

Stautberg volunteered his own high-taxing credentials by defending the Taft-Era HB 66 that permanently raised the sales tax, and implemented a new Commercial Activities Tax, a bill Brinkman opposed while in the legislature.

In all, it was a great evening for airing views to a large and enthusiastic liberty-minded audience.

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  1. We have endorsed Pete Stautberg for State Representative. His support for all these tax increases, plus the $1,000 donation he received from Bengals Owner Mike Brown, entitles him to this seat. Brinkman is a terrible conservative who refuses to raise taxes.


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