Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Get involved in Empower U, to Empower and Educate Citizen Activists

In another project brought to you by COASTer Dan Regenold (a man full of energy and ideas if there ever was one), Empower U starts its third year this year, empowering citizens activists through education.

For FREE, citizens can learn from elected leaders, political activists, attorneys, and activists on key elements of the liberty agenda.  Read their entire lineup of 2012 courses here.

The series started this year with "Intervention," the push for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution.  Last night, COAST attorney Chris Finney spoke in Dayton on property tax valuation reduction.  Coming up, are the following courses:
  • Court of Appeals Judge Pat Fischer on the judiciary (February 28)
  • John Becker on the Ohio State Republican Central Committee (March 8) 
  • Rebecca Heimlich holds two sessions on Powering Ohio's Economy (March 22 and May 21)
  • COAST attorney Curt Hartman hosts a session on Ohio Open Meetings and Public Records laws (May 3) 
  • Ohio School Board President Debe Terhar speaks on Ohio Schools -- College and Career Readiness  (April 11) 
And there are dozens of more offerings.  These great speakers are prepared to deliver information to empower the citizenry to become active and involved in their communities.

Take the time to learn more!

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