Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is it patriotic to oppose wasteful spending?

COAST is a citizens group whose aim is stamping out wasteful spending in government, especially state and local government in Ohio and southwest Ohio. 

We find that, unquestioned and unchecked, human nature being what it is, waste, corruption and cronyism are rife in government.  On the other hand, if our elected officials know there is an active, educated, informed, aggressive accountability group in their midst, how will they change their behavior?  We tend to see, for those exposed, and for those who fear exposure of their corruption, that the process of accountability is a powerful tool to force more honest, efficient and effective government.

Thus, the question is posed, is it good for our governance and for society at large to have fair-minded groups like COAST in our communities?

COAST posits that it is.  That it is patriotic, and beneficial, to have an ever-suspicious, ever-questioning, relentlessly aggressive accountability group in our midst.

We expect that those who don't like that accountability, that those who don't want that exposure and questioning, that those who are corrupt, and inclined to corruption, will continue to attack COAST and COASTers for thier outspoken activism.  And we wear their scorn as our badge of honor.  For eternal vigilance is the price of liberty and the minor arrows we take for that activism is a small price to pay for the betterment -- indeed salvation -- of this community we love.  

Join COAST to help us advance this mission.

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