Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a primary election day!

The meaning of the May 4 primary election will not be known for years to come, but it appears from COAST’s perspective to be momentus.  COAST-endorsed candidates Chris Monzel (County Commission) and Shannon Jones (Ohio Senate) won in hard-fought primary fights.  Tea Party founder Mike Wilson won a tough three-way primary for the right to oppose liberal democrat Connie Pillich in the 28th Ohio House District, and two new COAST-endorsed State Central Committeemen won from this area – Bob McEwen and Joann Kemmerer. 
COAST would like first to thank the opposition in these races – Leslie Ghiz, Michelle Schneider, Tom Weidman and Vicki Zwissler as they advanced important messages of limited government and lower taxes in their races, despite their losses.
These local victories combine with important national events to give COAST real hope that 2010 will be fundamentally different – we might actually roll back the size and scope of government when it is all over.  In Utah, conservatives have already unseated hopeless moderate Bob Bennett.  In Pennsylvania,  Arlen Specter – already run out of the Republican Party – is behind for next Tuesday’s democrat primary election.  In Florida, Charlie Crist turned tail and ran from the Republican primary election against new-comer Mario Rubio.  And in New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie has unveiled dramatic and needed proposals to finally rein in state spending.
Now COASTers turn their eyes to the fall election when these important wins can be finalized and legislative solutions begun.


  1. Chris Monzel's victory alone was enough to make my day. Big win for COAST and all conservatives!

  2. COAST can win a primary, but can they win an election?


  3. CAAST -
    The State Central Committee races ARE elections, and not primary battles. Which reminds me - how did Amber Burke Sprengard, No on 9 streetcar advocate and wife of Cincinnatians 4 Progress co-chair Joe Sprengard do in her race against the COAST endorsed candidate?

  4. Great job Shannon Jones!

  5. "Democratic" is an adjective, "Democrat" is a noun.

    For example you might hold a "Congressional Primary" but not a "Congress Primary"


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