Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Strickland Scares Job Creators

In the last 5 years Ohio dropped 24 places when ranked by corporate CEOs in Chief Executive Magazine's Best & Worst States To Do Business issue. With only 51 contestants, thats's quite a precipitous decline...practically half the field.

Otherwise the list exhibits very little volatility. There was no change in the bottom five. The top ten shuffled around a bit, but largely included the same players.

"After employee work ethic, CEOs most highly prize lower tax rates and perceived attitudes toward business." Ohio didn't do half bad in workforce quality and living environment, the two things Governor Strickland might legitimately be able to pin on his predecessors. But our taxes and regulation drug us from middle of the top to middle of the bottom. And these have been fully under the Strickland Administration's control.

James Rhodes was widely ridiculed as being "in the pocket of big business." But he landed Honda's north american headquarters, and most of their manufacturing plants. Under Strickland, Honda built their latest plant in Indiana.

COAST has been a vocal critic of Governor Bob Taft, and his profligate tax and spend policies. But even Taft realized that driving away businesses would eventually kill the money tree.

The Strickland administration's hostility to those who would give us jobs is killing our economy. Substituting big government boondoggles like Third Frontier for real individual entrepeneurship makes matters worse.

We need a governor who knows how to make a buck in business. It's time to elect John Kasich.

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