Saturday, May 15, 2010

Honest and Refreshing

From the Wall Street Journal:

Gov Christie calls S-L columnist thin-skinned for inquiring about his 'confrontational tone'

How do we get a bunch of guys like this around here?


  1. The same Greg Harris that wanted to create a whole new class of Union workers with unsustainable pensions with the streetcar? The Greg Harris who pushed unashamedly to spend millions of dollars that we don't have for fancy new recycling bins?

    Ever notice how Greg Harris lashed out against the police and fire unions (who had opposed him in his election), and never said a peep about the garbage union people, etc.?

    I guess Greg Harris is against bloated Union contracts, unless he;s for them, which is why he is out on his ass, thankfully.

  2. Anon 8:16, please try to state your point without being offensive.

  3. Greg Harris - Union Buster

    Endorsed by:

    Cincinnati AFL-CIO
    United Food and Commercial Workers
    Cincinnati Federation of Teachers
    Plumber, Pipefitters Local 392
    Laborers Local 265
    IBEW Local 212
    Sheet Metal Workers Local 24

  4. So let me get this straight. Harris is both a "union buster" and a union hack. Hmmm.

    I'm not a liberal. I'm a (true) conservative who was won over by Harris because he supported pension reform and openly took on waste in the very powerful public unions--incl the FOP and fire fighters union that COAST is too pussy to challenge. 90% of the time, our fire engines are repsonding to medical calls, not fires. No "conservatives" are willing to call out this collosal waste.

  5. The word "retard" is offensive to many people when used in that context. Saying someone is tossed outon their ass isn't calling someone a name and being bigoted.

  6. You're still not smartMay 20, 2010 at 10:45 AM

    Thanks for not replying to the actual content of my post, which you can't refute. You instead resorted to more name calling, which only serves to show the weakness of your argument.


  7. Jason, have you found a new place to live, or are you out on the street?

  8. Anon 8:18 thank you so much for your concern for my well being. Yes, I do have food and shelter.

  9. Have you started to pay your bills Jason? Is CitiMortgage coming after you for the $40.000+ shortfall in the price that your house brought at auction vs what you owed on your mortgage? How about Mark Miller-Mark are you able to avail yourself of banking services now that Xavier has placed multiple liens on your banking accounts??

  10. Cincy Capell's wifeMay 22, 2010 at 12:06 PM

    Will they be putting double-wide seats in the streetcar for those of us who are a little big-boned? I would really love to take the trolley to Findlay Market so I can stuff my face with locally made sausages and dairy products. Do they sell stretchy pants somewhere along the route too?


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