Sunday, May 23, 2010

Trolleyites don tinfoil hats

UrbanCincy launched a rambling tirade against The Enquirer, alleging they are "abandoning city interests" by publishing their recent streetcar poll. Read it if you need a good laugh at a 71 word run-on sentence. Or don't; there's really no new content.

Just like UrbanCincy's other tirades, there are lots of excuses for why the facts aren't really the facts, and how the methodology must be flawed because trolleyites dislike the conclusions.

The usual double standard is evident. Apparently Gannett is evil for being headquartered in Virginia, but UrbanCincy being headquartered in Atlanta is just fine.

The Enquirer hired an objective 3rd party pollster to do their study. Back in June another objective study deduced that one part of OTR was the "most dangerous neighborhood in America." UrbanCincy called that one "intellectually dishonest."

However, UrbanCincy has no problem with the streetcar feasibility study conducted by HDR and Parsons Brinckerhoff. Both companies stand to gain millions in fees if the project materializes. Have HDR or PB ever done a study that concluded a city wasn't a good candidate for trolleys? Of course not. But that's OK, because, like them, UrbanCincy also thinks every street should have a streetcar. And so the double standard persists when it comes to objectivity .

Enquirer reporter Barry Horstman's article was balanced and factual. Unfortunately trolleyites don't care. They really want him to editorialize on the news pages to promote their view of "city interests."

Urban junkies even count the number of letters to the editor, pro and con. They don't like those numbers either, and view them as prima facie evidence of a vast suburban conspiracy against the trolley boondoggle.

As we've said before, loser sports teams whine about officiating. Loser restaurants boo-hoo the reviews. Loser theatrical shows blame it all on the critics. And in politics, Helen Thomas says, "The Loser Will Always Blame the Media." Shooting the messenger is always a loser's move.


  1. Thanks for the coverage Mark. You know I love a good debate.

    If you read my "tirade" carefully you'll note that I actually take very little issue with the survey or its methodology. In fact I actually defended the survey on another local site that was criticizing just that. The thing is that random digit dialing has lots of downfalls, but virtually every type of quantitative research polling does.

    My actual concerns go far beyond the streetcar or this survey. It's a pattern of negative coverage by the Enquirer towards the city. My allegations are not outrageous by any means. Many papers have gone to this city vs. suburbs narrative as a means to sell papers to their dependable suburban audiences.

    Slinging personal insults at me only makes you look tasteless. Lets have a real discussion without the nonsense please. I didn't personally attack you, I expect the same courtesy in return. Thanks Mark.

  2. Randy Simes lives in Atlanta.

    Bobby Maly lives in Kentucky.

    Cincinnati's streetcar supporters don't even live in Ohio, much less Cincinnati.

  3. UrbanCincy's party on Fountain Square two weeks ago was at least double the size of COAST's holiday party in Blue Ash.

  4. That's because CincyCapell's fat wife was there. She could double the size of any crowd.

  5. Bobby Maly can vote for Rand PaulMay 24, 2010 at 12:19 AM

    Does No on Nine streetcar advocate Bobby Maly live in Cincinnati? No he doesn't. Bluegrass Bobby lives in Kentucky. But I guess its ok for outsiders to meddle in City issues as long as they agree with your pro-trolley fanatacism right?

  6. Is anyone advocating a tax here? I wish someone would poll me about supporting a tax increase. I'd be all for it, no matter what its for

  7. It's funny how the No on 9 people spent all summer and fall telling everyone within earshot that Issue 9 wasn't about the streetcar. Hell, even their yardsigns carried the slogan "For Cincy Jobs", not For Cincy Streetcar.

    Now they want everyone to believe that their Issue 9 win was a public mandate in support of the streetcar. They're as disingenuous now as they were then.

    Parsons Brinkerhoff, who stands to benefit financially from the streetcar's construction contracts, then poured a bunch of money into their campaign so they could mislead people and throw them off the trolley scent.

    Now, when it is shown that the overwhelming majority of people think this is a money losing boondoggle they attack the pollster. You can bet your sweet ass that if that poll came back saying that the majority of Cincinnatians like the streetcar they'd be trumpeting those results all over town.


  8. What? Streetcar nuts are two-faced? Sort of like how their very first post on this blog topic resorted to petty personal attacks and name calling, and then they proceeded to complain that pro-COAST commenters were calling people names. Hi POT, I'm KETTLE, you're black.

  9. "Parsons Brinkerhoff, who stands to benefit financially from the streetcar's construction contracts, then poured a bunch of money into their campaign so they could mislead people and throw them off the trolley scent. "

    Notice that the guy writing for "Bim Turke" is the same guy who wrote the original blog post.

  10. "Shooting the messenger is always a loser's move."

    So says the Issue 9 losers.

    Funny how numerous residents came out to the city council meetings to support the streetcar, yet the opposition could only muster two. One of whom presented a crayon drawing of what she thought The Banks should look like, the other of whom is a senile old man who doesn't know what a sign is."

    Look at Mark Miller's face at the end when he rolls his eyes and laughs off Luken's nonsense.

    Quality from the folks at COAST.

  11. Never mind that the poll showed that 44% of the respondents favoured the streetcars and 48% opposed them with a 4% margin of error. That's a statistical tie. And like it or not, issue 9 WAS about the streetcars, and TOAST got their asses kicked. The juvenile, deadbeat members of TOAST can't handle the thruth.

  12. Ham. Co. Exec. Dir. Caleb FauxMay 24, 2010 at 10:02 AM

    At least nobody is mentioning my many, many, many court ordered garnishments.

  13. I thought it was Trolleyans...

  14. I'm glad to see that COAST has decided to try and have a civilized, mature debate about the topic. Oh wait, they resort to name calling and personal attacks because they are out of ammo.

    You stay classy COAST.

  15. COAST is so irrelevant to CincyCapell that he's here 20/7 to comment on everything they do. (the other 4 hours he's feeding his morbidly obese wife)

    It's amazing how much time some people spend "conversing" with those they declare to be irrelevant.

  16. There's a difference between conversing, mocking & taunting. Just like there's a difference between paying your bills, not paying your bills and having your bank accounts garnished &/or home repo'ed for not paying your bills. Learn the differences TOASTers.

  17. CincyCapell'e COAST induced erectionMay 24, 2010 at 10:30 PM

    Ever notice how CincyCapell never actually denies that he has a fat ugly wife? CincyCapell, the only thing that's "TOAST" is the buttered bread slices your pig spouse wraps around sausages before she shoves them into her disgusting pie hole.

    Godd gracious your wife is a gross pig.

    Pure schadendreude.

  18. You don't see conservatives going to liberal blog sites launching endless personal attacks against the people who run those sites. But liberals can't resist going to conservative sites and acting like petulant children. It exposes the weakness of their arguments.

  19. Oh TOASTy, you don't know who I a, who my wife is or whether or not she is fat. We get a good laugh at your posts. You've got nothing, boys. Meanwhile I know who you are and where you live. Jeff, those condo buildings you live in look like they are right out of 1972. Ugly and outdated architecture. Hope that you didn't pay much for that s-hole. You should have opted for a garage to park your 'cool' 11 year old Monte Carlo in. It would be safer from all of those criminals who might want to steal a vintage 1999 shitbox.

    Sleep soundly boys.

  20. ANOTHER intelligent liberal post.

  21. Losers, I will be here ALL DAY, 24/7, obsessing over the same 4 COAST leaders. I'll show you!

  22. Cappel's wife may be fat, but she probably can pay for things like mortgage and tuition.

  23. Wow, posts @ 1:52am & 1:59am. Up late drinking again TOASTer?


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