Saturday, May 1, 2010

5 Reasons to Oppose Leslie Ghiz

In the race for Hamilton County Commissioner there is a stark difference between the two Republican Primary Candidates. Chris Monzel, the COAST endorsed candidate, has been a consistent supporter of fiscally responsible government during his time on Cincinnati City Council. His opponent, Leslie Ghiz, has been a complete and utter disappointment to the conservative movement. With the primary election approaching, we'd like to point out just how much of an obstacle to conservatism Ghiz has been with our Top 5 Reasons to Oppose Leslie Ghiz in the Republican Primary election.

5) Ghiz's outrageous support of the Freedom Center
Leslie Ghiz agreed to the inclusion of a larger taxpayer subsidy for the failed Underground Railroad Freedom Center in the City of Cincinnati's budget. Ghiz voted yes on a motion to give $800,000.00 in hard-earned taxpayer dollars to ultra-wealthy CEO John Pepper's failed museum. Not surprisingly, Pepper responded by donating thousands of dollars to Ghiz's political campaigns. Even this year, extremist liberal Francie Pepper donated to Ghiz's County Commission campaign. When Chris Monzel introduced a motion to redirect the Freedom Center money towards needed infrastructure repairs he received no support from bought and paid for Leslie Ghiz.

4) Ghiz's long-time support of the Cincinnati Streetcar
Ghiz conveniently claims to oppose the Cincinnati streetcar now that she is running in more conservative Hamilton County, but her record speaks differently. While running for office in the more liberal City of Cincinnati, Ghiz claimed to be "100 percent behind" the streetcar, and backed up her claim by voting to approve the expenditure of taxpayer dollars in support of the sure boondoggle. Furthermore, when the citizens of Cincinnati had the opportunity to kill the trolley folly at the ballot box by supporting Issue 9 Ghiz once again joined with liberal Democrats Mark Mallory, Roxanne Qualls, Todd Portune, and David Pepper to work against them.

3) Ghiz's record as a Tax-hiker
Ghiz was a vocal opponent of COAST in our victorious fight against Todd Portune and David Pepper's Super-sized $777 million sales tax hike in 2007. As you may recall, the Democrat County Commissioners, in a cowardly fashion, attempted to impose this massive tax increase without a vote of the people. When given the opportunity to stand with the people of Hamilton County in opposing this egregious abuse of power and waste of taxpayer funds Ghiz refused, and chose instead to align herself with liberal Democrats like Mark Mallory, Todd Portune, and Roxanne Qualls. Does anyone see a trend here?

2) Ghiz's Endorsement of David Pepper
In 2006, ultra-liberal Democrat David Pepper defeated the conservative candidate for Hamilton County Commissioner in a hard-fought race. Leslie Ghiz endorsed, and openly campaigned for tax and spend David Pepper in the race. When asked about her traitorous support of a liberal tax-hiking Democrat Ghiz repsponded by stating the now infamous, "Just because I'm a Republican doesn't mean anything." We couldn't agree more with Ghiz's statement. Core conservative values mean nothing to her.

1) Chris Monzel is a vastly superior candidate
In his time on City Council, Chris Monzel has often been the lone voice of reason on a Council hell-bent on foolish spending, and tax increases. Monzel has fought annually to preserve the property tax rollback, and has vigorously opposed the new trash tax push by the City Manager. He has been a staunch supporter of COAST's efforts to defeat the Pepper/Portune sales tax, eliminate intrusive red light cameras, and kill the foolish streetcar boondoggle. Monzel Gets it. That's why he's been endorsed not only by COAST, but by the Ohio Tea Party PAC, Buckeye Firearms Association, Cincinnati Right to Life, Family First PAC, and dozens of leaders in the conservative movement. We urge you to visit Monzel's website, and encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to support Chris with their votes.

Don't forget, the primary election is Tuesday, May 4th!!!


  1. I could think of at least 15 or 20 reasons to oppose Pepper-supporter Leslie Ghiz.

  2. Amber Burke RinogardMay 5, 2010 at 10:17 PM

    Leslie and I will now be free to work full-time to lock down hard-earned taxpayer dollars to pay for our beloved streetcar.

  3. Thank you COAST for your efforts on behalf of Monzel!

  4. Mission Accomplished


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