Monday, July 13, 2009

Winburn Disavows Current Council

Doesn't want to be associated with this bunch
Former City Council Member and current Council hopeful Charlie Winburn has been informed that his campaign materials could be confusing to some voters. Winburn says that a Democrat friend told him that due to the simple omission of the word "FOR" in front of "CITY COUNCIL," some are accusing him of attempting to mislead voters into thinking that he currently serves on Council.

Despite having discussed the issue with staff at the Hamilton County Board of Elections who raised no concern, Winburn will immediately make the changes for the sake of clarity and utmost integrity of his campaign.

While the change may seem small and insignificant to the vast majority of people,” Winburn explained, “some members of City Council may take this opportunity to again leave the City’s concerns to manage themselves, and continue to worry with trivial matters like this.

And as a result of the changes, the Winburn for Council Campaign has instructed all staff members as well as appropriate volunteers to return any and all materials as they await a new and updated order.

Under no circumstances would I want Cincinnati voters to associate me with the current Democrat-controlled City Council, one that has created many of our city's problems through their mismanagement of the budget and retirement fund, and their misguided city projects such as the downtown street car,” said Winburn. “The suggestion that I would want to deceive anyone to think that I'm currently serving alongside them is laughable. It is more than worth it to make this change.

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