Monday, July 13, 2009

Hamilton County Faces Another Round of Budget Cuts

Will Commissioners (finally) cut their nine-member staff?

David Pepper struggles to balance our County's budget. He repeatedly fails to lead by example, forcing you to suffer all the cuts. Not the right stuff to be our State Auditor.

The Enquirer reported Monday that the Hamilton County Commission is facing even more severe budget problems as a result of out-of-control spending outstripping income.

As COAST reported in December, two decades ago, when the County population was 50% higher than it is today, the three County Commissioners had a total of one staffer between them. Today, that number is nine. Back then, the Commissioners voted to lay off dozens of Sheriff’s deputies, but refused to cut even one position from their bloated personal staffs.

Will the liberal democrat County Commissioners finally cut the fat in their own budget? COAST seriously doubts it.

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  1. Pepper and Portune had it right 2 years ago - we need to raise some taxes!


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