Monday, July 13, 2009

Red Light & Speeding Cameras in Full Retreat Throughout Ohio

COAST, AFP team up to kill bad idea statewide

In 2008, Cincinnati became first major City to ban red light cameras in its Charter.

COAST and Americans for Prosperity’s Ohio Chapter have achieved more progress in their goal to eradicate red light and speeding cameras throughout Ohio.

Here’s a rundown:
  • In Toledo, COAST sent local organizer Scott Ross to Toledo to spearhead the conclusion of the petition drive there. The petition drive is more than half way to conclusion and is proceeding well. COASTers Chris Finney, Dan Regenold and Kim Grant took a road trip to Toledo to help boost the effort.
  • Governor Strickland’s initiative to place speeding cameras on State highways was stripped from the state budget bill.
  • The City of Canton rejected Red Light Cameras in March of this year after opponents exposed the Mayor for accepting contributions from RedFlex, the company that installs and operates the devices.
  • With COAST’s help, the close-knit community of Heath Ohio has launched a Charter Amendment to strike down Council’s implementation of a Red Light Camera program there.
  • COAST traveled to Pickerington (south of Columbus) earlier this year to fight Red Light Cameras. Under threat of a Charter Amendment petition drive the Council there abandoned plans for Red Light Cameras in that City.
  • COAST is working on organizing a 2010 drive in Dayton against Red Light Cameras. Local volunteers are enthusiastic in their support.

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  1. A great big "Thank you" to all involved in beating back Big Brother. How wonderful we can travel our cities without the watchful eye of government. The red light cameras are always rigged with shortened yellow lights to nail unsuspecting citizens and fill government coffers. THANKS YOU COASTERS!!


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