Monday, July 13, 2009

Freedom Center Funding Killed in Ohio Senate

Republican senators stand firm against wasteful proposal

COAST stopped NURFC dead in its tracks in seeking an additional $3.1 million State of Ohio operating subsidy

COAST’s calls and e-mails have worked: the Ohio Senate stripped $3.1 million in additional spending for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center from the state’s budget bill.

COASTers calls and letters worked,” said COAST Chairman Jason Gloyd. “Thanks to those who wrote their senators. And COAST especially want to thank Senate President Bill Harris and Clermont County Senator Tom Niehaus for their leadership in killing this wasteful spending. The NURFC promised not to accept tax money for its operations and we want to help them to keep that promise.

The final budget bill also stripped the Ohio House’s implementation of speeding cameras on State Highways.

Hamilton County representatives Connie Pillich (D-Montgomery), Denise Driehaus (D-Delhi), Dale Mallory (D-Cincinnati) and Tyrone Yates (D-Cincinnati) all supported the House version of the budget bill that included the two bad ideas from the Governor.

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  1. This is a travesty! The Freedom Center deserves an annual subsidy from the government. They should get as much money as they need. We don't care that they promised to wean themselves off taxpayer funds once they opened their doors, this a great opportunity to spend taxpayer funds.

    The Freedom Center opened its doors. That is all they should have had to do. Now it's our job to make sure they keep running.

    If people will not voluntarily spend their money there, then it's up the government to confiscate our money and spend it there for us.


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