Monday, July 13, 2009

Senator Kearney: 65% of City Voters Are Against Council’s Trolley Proposal

Trolley backers’ poll numbers slip out

Click pic for larger view.

COAST has learned that Trolley backers commissioned a poll of public sentiment for the proposed Trolley this past spring and concluded that 65% are opposed. Is anyone surprised? The poll results have recently been leaked by State Senator Eric Kearney (ehk009).


  1. I wasn't aware that Council was promoting a Trolley proposal. I knew they would like to begin work on a streetcar system. I'll have to learn more about this trolley proposal before I lean one way or the other..

  2. News to me...any credible source to back this up other than a sub-par image of a tweet session?

  3. ^Click the picture to see it life size. You're on Twitter; goto CincyCityCouncil or ehk009 for the dates & times shown and see for yourself.

  4. So how about the root of my question - do you have any credible source to back up this claim other than the tweet session you shared with your readers? Did you take the time to fact check the information you reported? Who conducted the poll, what was the margin of error, who was polled, what was the cross-section of respondents, what was the actual question asked, was it the only question? These are all important pieces of information to relay on a claim that no one else has heard about.

  5. You see exactly what we saw.

    Folks trying to win an election generally don't share inside info with the other side (not on purpose anyway), so we have no specifics on the poll. You and Eric are on the same side, why don't you ask him and report back?

    If you want to confirm that the Tweet exchange actually took place, Grasscat would be a good firsthand source, as he was a participant.

  6. While Senator Kearney and I may agree on the issue, we're not part of any unified group. I'm merely an informed and engaged member of the public. My experience is in running cities from a local level and searching for efficiencies. I have taken my passion for cities and have traveled and researched what has made other cities successful and have tried to determine what, if anything, can be learned and applied to Cincinnati (sorry for the run-on sentence).

    I'll certainly ask him to follow up, and I'll ask around with the others I know, but I'm not sure someone like myself can secure an answer. I figured a powerful special interest group like COAST might be able to though. I'll be sure to report back on anything I find out.

  7. What is with these post?

    I'm new to this site, but the articles here seem somewhat along the lines of what a grade-schooler would use as "evidence."

    Again, is this a spoof site?

  8. I HEARD Michael Jackson was actually murdered, must be true if use COAST's logic.

  9. Translation of Randy Simes' post -
    "Look away. Nothing to see here."

    The voters are against your silly trolley and it scares the death out of you. That is why you don't want the voters to have a say. The people will have their voice Randy!

  10. Mr. Chortz,

    I invite you to actually learn what my position is on this matter and not make assumptions, or sweeping generalizations about it when my position has been quite clear from the beginning.

    Once again, it's not my proposal. I have simply done the research and learned about these kinds of transit networks through study and first-hand experience. This knowledge makes me a strong supporter of the Cincinnati Streetcar...I'm sorry you find that offensive or in some way threatening to the way in which you live your life.

    My positions and identity are clear, it would be nice if the same were extended from those spewing out the venom on this comment section.

  11. You COASTers are wrong again. We at Republicans for Higher Taxes have endorsed this plan and because of that it's going to pass. We have the support of everyone on Council except that horrible Chris Monzel. We're going to make sure these trolleys/streetcars happen.

  12. Randy Simes said - "I invite you to actually learn what my position is on this matter and not make assumptions, or sweeping generalizations about it when my position has been quite clear from the beginning."

    How did I misrepresent your position? I said that you are for the streetcar and against the charter amendment. Is that incorrect?

    "Spewing out venom on this comment section". What in the hell are you talking about? Exactly which one of these posts is venemous on nature? None of them.

  13. Uh, is it just me or has anyone else noticed that there is nothing in this post or in the photograph showing when, where or even if Senator Kearney released those poll numbers?

    Smells like horse shit to me...

  14. Anonymous - maybe you didn't look at the jpg posted with this story.

    EHK009 is Eric Kearney's twitter screenname. It clearly shows a post from EHK009 stating, "The spring polls said that the public was 65% - 35% opposed to streetcar." Pretty clear to me.

    The "horse shit" odor you smell is most likely the load you dropped in your pants when you realized that the electorate is overwhelmingly opposed to the silly trolley plan.

  15. Kearney is the source of the numbers. If you want to call someone a liar call him one.

    The only possible legitimate criticism is that Twitter is an illegitimate site that makes no effort to remove impersonator accounts, even when they're notified and given evidence. But if you feel that this site is in fact Kearney himself, then this was a State Senator releasing info from his own poll.


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