Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thank you to Cincinnati Council

The voters of Cincinnati spoke loud and clear in November.

Unfortunately, all too often, elected officials prefer to ignore the will of the people. Not so with Cincinnati's Mayor and City Council.

COAST believes it is important to hold politicians accountable, and that it is equally important to thank them when they do the right thing.

No doubt over the next four years we will find plenty of reasons to disagree with City Council. But today, we are grateful for their leadership and integrity.

In that vein. We encourage you to use the links below to email Mayor Cranley, Vice Mayor Mann and council members Flynn, Murray, Smitherman and Winburn to thank them for standing firm and coming through on their commitment to stop the streetcar.


1 comment:

  1. The above list is a great list of folks that should be anything but commended on doing a good job. These folks are going to be known in history as the ones that started the downward spiral of Cincinnati. So unfortunate that any one of them got elected!


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