Friday, December 6, 2013

Parsons Brinkerhoff Closes Election with $1000 to Wendell Young...

According to filings with the FEC and Ohio Secretary of State, Streetcar Developer Parsons Brinkerhoff contributed to exactly one campaign in the State of Ohio in November.

Wendell Young received $1000 in the day before the election. 

This follows up on the $250 contributions to Greg Landsman and Michelle Dillingham in October and the $1000 contribution to Roxanne Qualls on September 11.

See Parson's Ohio filings here.


  1. I think maybe I'll send along a Public Records Request for any communications between City Council Members and Parsons Brinkerhoff.


  2. Simpson got a $1000 in 2013.

    Qualls got $2700 in October, 2013 . Qualls got another $1500 in July. Seelback got $1000 in July. Quinlivin got $1000 in April.

    PB was like their own private ATM.



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