Wednesday, December 18, 2013

City council to vote on MSD Responsible Bidder

Tuesday, December 18, 2013

The Responsible Bidder ordinance passed on May 1, 2013 is bad public policy.  City Council is attempting to direct the Hamilton County Commissioners to require the implementation of an unconstitutional policy on the construction project managed by MSD.  The MSD project is valued at $3.5 billion.  The majority of MSD work has been haulted by all three County Commissioners.  The Responsible Bidder ordinance that was passed May 1st is unconstitutional.  All costs related to the Responsible Bidder ordinance will be passed on to all rate payers.  "The streetcar debate is important but the Responsible Bidder ordinance is eight times the value of the streetcar. The ordinance will be challenged in court and the City Council will illustrate again its unwilllingness to have a good relationship with our county partners," Smitherman said.

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  1. Everyone in favor of the responsible bidder criteria is pointing the finger at Hamilton County being opposed to this responsible bidder requirement and states the county has forced MSD to halt all MSD work. Not one journal entry/article has examined why the City has not released any Cincinnati Water Works projects (CWW). If the City feels like they are not breaking any laws, why are they not releasing bids for needed repairs on waterlines to be constructed/updated? Seems like the City does not agree with their own rules/ordinances, and has halted their own projects from being constructed. Kind of contradicting isn't it?


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