Sunday, September 2, 2012

Restoration of the Bush Brand? We don't think so.

Today's Washington Post has a feature about the redemption of the Bush name following record low approval ratings after his eight years in the oval office.

COAST points out the following:
  • The years of endless profligate spending that marked the beginning, middle and end of the Bush presidency was the road to perdition for this nation, and the GOP.  His lack of leadership on fiscal issues was the source of the financial crisis that has caused untold misery for tens of millions of Americans and others throughout the world, and was the reason for the devastating election results across the board in 2008.
  • The GOP only began its healthy re-building once Bush was safely out of office, and we could begin to forget the spending nightmare that was the Bush presidency.  This, of course, spawned the ascent of the Tea Party, and clearing of the weeds of less-than-committed Republican Congressmen and Senators who simply stayed around far too long.
COAST encourages Republicans and conservatives to have long, firm memories of the disastrous Bush presidency, and to remain vigilant against the return of those weak-kneed fiscal policies that brought America and the GOP to its knees.

Each person who was a part of this disgraceful chapter in American history should be remembered for their role in it.

COAST forgives, but we do not forget.

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