Friday, September 21, 2012

Council Boondogglers Planning to Push Through More Streetcar $$

Monday Morning, the next shoe will drop in the never ending scandal of Mallory's Trolley Folly.  The latest "plan" requires the proceeds of the Blue Ash Airport sale to be used to fund the cost of relocating utility lines and manholes along the Streetcar Route.  

Mayor Mallory was elected, in part, because he promised the proceeds of the Blue Ash Airport sale would be used to help Cincinnati's neighborhoods. Specifically, he promised the money to community councils to be used to improve the quality of life in each neighborhood.  
Now, he is rescinding that promise (just like they rescinded the airport deal to avoid promises made to the Federal government to use those funds for airport related expenses). Instead of funding neighborhoods, Millions more will be spent on this boondoggle.

Mallory and his Streetcar Cronies are spinning this latest deal as a short term problem and that Duke will eventually refund the city for these costs. Don't believe them!  They have lied and lied and lied at every step of the way toward this fiasco, and they continue to lie.  

First, the City promised the Federal Government that the Blue Ash Airport money would be used to fund airports; then Mallory promised voters it would be used to fund neighborhoods; now, after breaking the promise to the feds, Mallory is going to break his promise to the voters.  Do you really think he is done lying about the money??

Even if you support the streetcar, City Council should not be raiding the neighborhood funds to pay for it.  They have already committed over $110 Million to this streetcar (to be paid, with interest over 30 years!).  This does not even begin to consider the costs to operate the Streetcar - Millions more per year!  Don't let them take money that was promised to neighborhoods on top of everything else.

City Council's Budget and Finance Committee will be hearing and voting on this issue Monday morning at 10:30 AM in City Council Chambers.

This Council's unwillingness to face reality is exactly why you should vote NO on Issue 4 in November.  They simply cannot be trusted with longer terms.

Please come to City Hall at 10:15 AM Monday, fill out a speaker's card and speak against this horrible idea. 

Before then you can call and email Council and tell them to Stop the Streetcar Shenanigans!

You can call council here:

(513) 352-3604
(513) 352-5210
(513) 352-5260
(513) 352-5303
(513) 352-3466
(513) 352-3499
(513) 352-5270
(513) 352-3464
(513) 352-5354

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