Monday, September 10, 2012

Chris Finney Discusses Duke Streetcar Rate Increase with Brian Thomas

Contact PUCO NOW!

This morning COAST legal counsel Chris Finney discussed Duke's Proposed Streetcar Rate Increase with Brian Thomas on 55KRC.  As he discussed with WLW two weeks ago, this proposed rate increase is nothing more than a tax increase for all Cincinnatians.

- Update - Listen to Chris Finney with Brian Thomas beginning at 13:40 here. 

Duke's proposal is before Ohio's Public Utilities Commission (PUCO).  PUCO accepts public comment and will consider your input when deciding the issue.  It is crucial that you contact PUCO today.

PUCO case number 12-1682-EL-AIR contains the request by Duke.

As with all proposed rate increases PUCO will consider public comment before ruling on the request.

Or you can send your comment in the mail to 180 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43215.

It is important that you include PUCO case number 12-1692-EL-AIR so your comment is properly received and filed!

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