Thursday, September 6, 2012

Is Cincinnati as nutty as California?

Cincinnati has the upcoming magic casino revenue…..California was banking on the magic Facebook stock money which has suddenly blown up in their face leaving a gaping hole.

Cincinnati has been using accounting & budgeting tricks for years to "balance" their budget………California has too, for at least a decade just like Cincinnati.

Cincinnati has its own pension system that is about to explode…….California does too and it's bigger, badder and will probably implode first!

Cincinnati is starting its own boondoggle super expensive trolley to nowhere……California is too, except theirs is a exceedingly expensive billion $ high speed train that is literally starting in nowhere.

Cincinnati passed an ordinance to prevent fracking in their city (not that there is vast resources under Vine St.)……California has been stopping drilling too, except they potentially have tons of oil/gas reserves

Cincinnati is governed by liberal Democrats…..California produces some of the most liberal democratic politicians ever known to man

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