Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Upcoming Conservative Events

Ohio Energy and Climate Conference

Date: Saturday, February 6, 2010

Time: 1pm-5pm

Pat Michaels: Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute
Ben Lieberman: Senior Policy Analyst at the Heritage Foundation
Mary Hutzler: Senior Fellow at the Institute for Energy Research 

William Tucker, author of Terrestrial Energy.

Miami University of Middletown, Dave Finkelman Auditorium
Address: 4200 North University Boulevard, Middletown, OH, 45042

2010-Feb-03 6:00pm Middletown Tea Party
2010-Feb-04 6:30pm "Principles of the Constitution"- presented by Cincinnati 9/12 Project member Bob Galbraith
2010-Feb-04 7:00pm Union Township Tea Party
2010-Feb-06 8:30am Making of America Seminar sponsored by Homemakers for America
2010-Feb-06 1:00pm Ohio Energy and Climate Conference
2010-Feb-06 1:00pm The Constitutional Amendments, Your Rights as an American presented by Cincinnati 9/12 Education Committee3:00pm "Governments of the World" presented by Cincinnati 9/12 Project
2010-Feb-08 6:00pm Boone County Tea Party7:00pm Lebanon Tea Party
2010-Feb-08 7:00pm Southwest Cincinnati Tea Party
2010-Feb-08 7:30pm Indian Hill Tea Party
2010-Feb-09 7:00pm Mason Tea Party
2010-Feb-10 7:00pm Anderson Tea Party
2010-Feb-11 6:30pm "The Constitutional Amendments; Your Rights as an American"- presented by Cincinnati 912 Project member Denise Waterman
2010-Feb-15 6:00pm Boone County Tea Party
2010-Feb-15 6:00pm "Governments of the World" presented by Cincinnati 9/12 Project
2010-Feb-15 7:00pm Northwest Side Community Tea Party

More events here.

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