Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brinkman, COAST win injunction against State of Ohio

Federal District Court Judge Susan Dlott issues permanent injunction
against State "revolving door" statute  

Federal District Court Judge today issued a final decision in the case of Brinkman et al. v. Budish et al. that the State of Ohio's "revolving door' statute is unconstitutional and issued a permanent injunction against the State of Ohio preventing its enforcement.  COAST and former State Representative Thomas E. Brinkman, Jr. originally brought the case because it prohibited volunteer lobbying by Brinkman on behalf of COAST for a period of one year after he left the legislature in December of 2008.

In her decision, Dlott ruled that the State statute violated the First Amendment rights of Brinkman and COAST because it was not narrowly tailored to address the legitimate state interest in preventing quid pro quo corruption, which is what Brinkman had argued in bringing the case.

The decision is here.  The original Complaint of Brinkman and COAST is here.

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  1. Good job protecting our Constitutional rights


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