Monday, February 8, 2010

COAST takes Red Light Camera Campaign to Toledo, Cleveland and Garfield Heights

After huge wins against Red Light and Speeding cameras in 2008 in Cincinnati and 2009 in Heath and Chillicothe, Ohio, on February 6 COAST Chairman Jason Gloyd presented its victories to an audience in Cleveland, where residents from Cleveland and Garfield Heights pledged to pass petitions to ban the pernicious devices in their communities.  COAST has pledged legal and logistical support for the effort.  COAST has also committed to helping Toledo get the issue on the ballot there in 2010. 

Cleveland Plain Dealer Columnist Regina Brett says, "The problem I have with the cameras is they make me a jittery driver. Every time I drive down Cedar Hill into downtown Cleveland, I have to time it just right. If the light even tries to turn yellow, I hit the brakes so the camera won't nail me. One day, I hit my brakes and so did the guy behind me. But the guy behind him didn't.

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