Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All aboard train to wasteful spending!

Despite polling numbers showing that Ohioans do not want spending on rail projects, Federal, State and City leaders proceeded in January to squander hundreds of millions of dollars on wasteful rail projects.
Obama-Claus left $400 million in Ted Strickland's stocking. This was part of $8 billion spent nationwide on a diesel, slow-speed rail system on existing tacks between Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and Cleveland.  Travel to Cleveland initially is projected to cost $38 per person and take 6.5 hours to complete.  Mark Miller has an excellent critique here

The Silver lining? COAST earnestly believes that the 3-C rail line will become the next Paul Brown Stadium, a poster-child for excessive and wasteful government spending that will serve as an example to stop other big-government solutions.  We just wish these all-to-frequent lessons did not cost so very much.


            On another front, the City of Cincinnati continues to await word on whether it qualifies for magical Obama money (free money!) to fund the boondoggle trolley from the failed National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and the horribly wasteful Riverfront Transit Center to Findlay Market. 

            But that did not stop City leaders in January from spending $775,000 in funds the City simply does not have to pay for $775,000 work on the first phase of the trolley plan, including an environmental impact study, financial planning and some of the initial engineering work.

Apparently, the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts was not enough evidence that voters want to rein in spending.  Perhaps we need to throw a few more of the bums out in November to get their attention.]

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