Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jennifer Miller & Arnie Engel seek re-election

COASTers encouraged to help them with money, time

Loyal COASTers Jennifer Miller of the Mason City Board of Education and Arnie Engel of the Fairfield City Board of Education are each seeking re-election this November. Both have given of themselves selflessly and repeatedly in COAST activities. It’s time for COASTers to recriprocate generously.

The web sites and contact information of these two fine candidates are below. COAST will be arranging volunteer weekends to help each of these two fine candidates. Please plan on volunteering and helping them both.

Jennifer Miller for Mason Board of Education
4579 Angeline Lane
Mason, Ohio 45040

Arnold Engel for Fairfield City School Board
6237 Firestone Drive
Fairfield, Ohio 45014


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  2. ^Try it again without the F-bomb.

  3. We must defeat Miller and Engel and replace them with voices that we control. There is no room for dissent on any School Board.


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