Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Enquirer: stop trolley proposal dead in its tracks

Mayor and Council still refuse to listen

It’s a rare day when the Enquirer editorial pages even consider a limited government approach to our region’s problems, much less get it right. However, this great editorial tells Council and the Mayor to stop, now, their spending and promotion of the trolley.

Unfortunately, as evidenced by the Mayor’s and Council’s stated priority of pushing the trolley, they still are not listening. Fortunately, and thanks to the NAACP, COAST and the WeDemandAVote.Com coalition, voters will have the last say on this topic.


  1. Actually the Enquirer never said to "stop trolley dead in it's tracks." Here's what they really said:

    They also called the COAST charter amendment a "Poison Pill."

  2. ^Yeah...funny how boondogglers find voting to be poisonous. For the rest of us, however, voting is the antidote to boondoggles.

  3. Hey COAST, take a few moments to read. They didn't call voting poisonous, they called your broad, ridiculous charter amendment poisonous.


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