Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Driehaus sides with big-spenders with votes on stimulus, cap and trade and health care

Removes any doubt about liberal leadings

Freshman Congressman Steve Driehaus takes a sharp left turn

Freshman Congressman Steve Driehaus has clarified any question about whether he would be a lockstep liberal in Washington or reflect the conservative values of his district. In nation-changing vote after vote in Washington, he has consistently sided with the Nancy Pelosi left-wing of the democrat Party.

During the 2008 campaign, Steve Driehaus campaigned as a fiscal conservative; however his voting record thus far in Congress has been an abysmal display of his true values as a tax-and-spend liberal.

In February, Driehaus voted in favor of the trillion-dollar “stimulus” package that was supposed to keep unemployment below eight percent. What are the current results of this bill? How about a national unemployment rate of 9.5 percent coupled with an unemployment rate of 11.2 percent in Ohio… so much for those shovel-ready, job-creating projects.

As self-proclaimed fiscal conservative, one would have thought that Steve Driehaus would have opposed the $3.6 trillion budget that was passed in April. Well, that hope would have been misplaced as Driehaus voted for the budget and help set our country on a course for the biggest deficit in our nation’s history.

As if the stimulus vote and the budget votes weren’t enough, Driehaus again caved to the pressures of Nancy Pelosi by voting in favor of the Cap and Trade bill that passed the House in June. Driehaus even admits that this bill will cause the local consumer at least a 5-10 percent increase in their energy bills.

Steve Driehaus has lost all credibility as a fiscal conservative and we have a good feeling that voters will take notice of this next November. His own constituents hammered by his own constituents at this Town Hall meeting. Maybe a one-termer?


  1. It's a shame they voted Chabot out, I actually liked him. Driehaus getting heckled at his town hall meeting was quite a laugh.

  2. QCD -
    Just curious about the profile pic. Big Emilio fan or something else? Outsiders, Breakfast Club, and Young Guns were all Damn good movies.

  3. I hope he doesn't get too comfy in DC. I would suspect he will not be there much longer. He is a typical democratic big spender. We really need Chabot back!

  4. Bris,

    Long story but a bunch of my friends nicknamed me "Gordon Bombay" and people have called me it since. I used to use the handle "Gordon Bombay" for awhile for anything I posted on the internet. When I started QC/D I used to post as "Gordon Bombay."

  5. To clarify, Gordon Bombay was Emilo's character in the Mighty Ducks.

  6. Got it. Mighty Ducks was the movie I saw on my first date with my eventual wife (and ex-wife). Good flick.

  7. ^^ And yet you still like the movie Bris?

  8. His upcoming "town hall meeting" on August 26 in Green Township is another sham. Only 200 citizens will be allowed in, and all of the tickets have been given to democrats. No one else will be allowed in. This is directly from his office (call youself to confirm and express displeasure). The police have been called to be present.


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