Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NAACP and Smitherman do it again!

Proud civil rights organization
leads in stopping Streetcar

As Mayor Mallory, and Council members Qualls, Quinlivan, Thomas and Young, foolishly are thrusting Cincinnati headlong into a $135 million streetcar project, the Cincinnati NAACP led by Christopher Smitherman has worked tirelessly to place a second charter amendment before the voters that will stop the project and its attendant operating deficit.

The issue will appear on the November ballot in Cincinnati as Issue 48. Voters must vote yes to stop the streetcar project.

Thanks go to all coalition partners that joined together to gather the signatures to empower the voters on this topic: NAACP, the SW Ohio Green Party, the Ohio Libertarian Party, COAST, the Baptist Ministers Conference, the Fraternal Order of Police, the Firefighters Union, the CODE labor union, Westwood Concern, C.A.S.S. and the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition. However, make no mistake that the heavy lifting on the petition drive was led week in and week out by the volunteers of the NAACP.

Our thanks go out to them.

Now it is up to the Cincinnati voters to put a stop to this project -- a misdirection for the City -- once and for all. VOTE YES on Issue 48 for Fiscal Sanity.

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