Sunday, January 3, 2010

Portune For Something, Anything

Does anyone other than the editors of the COAST Newsletter think it is funny that County Commissioner Todd Portune floats his name out there for any and every job opening? 

Just like the media chased the story of the boy in the balloon, perhaps the only thing funnier is that the pliant editors of our local news rags – with no confirmation from anyone other than Portune – dutifully continue to run each of these self-promoting rumors.  Perhaps we should call Portune “balloon boy” for his all-too-frequent attempts at self-promotion.

COAST here takes a tour of the recent Portune trial balloons, all of which have fallen flat.

Read here how Portune promoted himself for Chairman of the Ohio Democrat Party.  This effort failed.

Read here how Portune promoted himself for Ohio Lieutenant Governor. 

Read here how Portune floated his own name for the United States Senate.

And here how he promoted himself for Ohio Attorney General

COAST also remembers him toying with the idea of running for Congress against Steve Chabot, but can’t immediately find that link. 

Don’t get us wrong, we want Portune to go – leave the County Commission.  It’s just that no one will take him!

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  1. The only voices Portune is hearing about filling these positions are the voices in his head.


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