Sunday, January 3, 2010

Driehaus aide convicted of election fraud

Media again hides dirty democrat secret

Local Enquirer readers in October and November learned about a paid campaign worker for the pro-casino, Issue 3 campaign’s conviction for election fraud.  What the local media failed to report was that this felon was instrumental in the 2008 election of Steve Driehaus to the United States Congress.  COAST wonders if the remainder of his campaign is as dirty.

Walter Sullivan, a worker for a vendor promoting State Issue 3 legalizing four casinos in Ohio, was caught in October of falsifying multiple absentee ballot applications as a first step toward stuffing the ballot box.  In December, he pled guilty to five  felony charges and was placed on two years of probation by Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Pat DeWine.

What the media refuses to report, however, is that Sullivan was part of the democrat machine that helped elect democrat Steve Driehaus to Congress.  Read his resume here where Sullivan lists his employment with the Driehaus campaign.

On his myspace page, Sullivan calls himself “’Nati Thug” and brags of association with the Obama campaign, ACORN  and the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee ( ).  One listed group, Grassroots Campaigns, who hired him starting in August of 2008, lists both the DCCC and ACORN as clients ( ).

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