Sunday, January 3, 2010

City Settles COAST Lawsuit Over Harassment of Petitioners

The City of Cincinnati as well as the operators of Fountain Square and Findlay Market have agreed to stop harassing COASTers collecting signatures on petitions for ballot issues.  The broad settlement agreement, finalized in November, allows petitioners to collect signatures peacefully on sidewalks, public streets, Fountain Square and throughout Findlay Market without registering in advance and without harassment from Cincinnati’s finest.

COAST and WeDemandAVote.Com petitioners were harassed collecting signatures in these City venues for the past three years for the Super-Sized Jail Tax, Red Light Cameras, Proportional Representation, the Cincinnati trolley and the Water Works proposal.  In addition to the broad relief afforded COAST and WeDemand petitioners, the defendants paid COAST attorneys fees of $7,500.

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